How Lucy works

Lucy is a distribution platform that connects travel content into one simple view.

Lucy brings NDC and GDS flight options into a single interface so it’s easier and faster to search and book and get the best fares. 

You don’t have to lose your trusted GDS provider. Instead, Lucy incorporates your GDS results and adds more content to your display. Keep any GDS incentives you may receive, but when the the fare, route or carrier dictates, you can choose to sell the NDC product. You can even choose from low-cost carriers, too.

Lucy was built with the complete requirement of the travel agent community in mind and is perfectly suited for the Australia and New Zealand market.

Book your services within Lucy and queue to your preferred consolidator as you would normally.  

You can even customise trips and earn more by adding ancillary sales, and book hotels, rail, transport and more at the best rates.

Let Lucy do the hard work for you.