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NDC. Not tomorrow, today. Lucy is your ready-made NDC solution.

Lucy is your ready-made, level 3 certified NDC solution, displaying early-mover airlines NDC fares and products alongside standard GDS content in one view.‚Äč

Customise trips for your clients and earn more by adding ancillary sales to each transaction.

IATA’s New Distribution Capability, commonly known as the NDC, may be something you’ve heard of within the travel industry but don’t know much about.

The industry is changing. Airlines have traditionally provided travel professionals fares and content through GDS channels, although many airlines have now started to distribute their content through stand-alone direct connect channels. IATA has created a standard to adapt to the changes, called the NDC standard, to enhance the communications between airlines and travel agents.

Lucy takes this one step further. As a ready-made, neutral NDC certified Level 3 solution, Lucy brings enhanced content to agents. Early-mover airlines NDC fares and products and low-cost carriers sit alongside standard GDS content in one, simple view.

This means travel professionals can focus their efforts on selling to their clients, not moving between platforms and the GDS.

Start your NDC journey with Lucy.