GDS integration

Lucy allows you to retain your GDS, as well as having more options to compare in one place. So you can keep any benefits you may receive, and also get enriched travel content. It's a win-win.

Take this example. 

Using Lucy, you search flights to Bangkok. Your GDS returns you a fare of $1,000. If that is the best option, you select and book it in Lucy which is linked to your personal GDS and consolidator ticketing queues. However, as airlines start to differentiate their fares via NDC, it may be that the carrier offers a fare of $900 through their NDC distribution. This fare would be displayed alongside the GDS result in Lucy, allowing you to choose the fares and products that work best for you and your client. 

Lucy is also future-proof. If your GDS delivers any enhancements over time, they will simply be absorbed into the platform. 

Take advantage of a solution that's ready and will integrate with your GDS now.