We’ve answered the most commonly-raised questions below. If your question isn’t covered, please contact us.

  • How much training is required?

Lucy is simple for agents to use and there are demo videos to help where further assistance is required. Our team will work with yours to set up your system and explain how the preferences and settings will work for your office, corporate and consolidator relationships. It really is that easy. 

  • How does the pricing work?

There is a one-off implementation fee per agency and then a moderate transaction cost applied per trip. This trip fee can be easily incorporated into your package pricing when invoicing customers.

Pricing advantages are also available to agents when joining Lucy via their preferred consolidator or buying group.

  • What about my GDS incentives?

The benefit of Lucy is that it is a platform which includes existing GDS and simply adds more content to your simplified view. When you book via GDS on Lucy you retain your GDS incentives you have in place. Let the differentiated content help make your choice in which circumstances you choose GDS and when you choose NDC or other.  

  • What about airline incentives?

Any airline incentives remain yours and are tracked as normal via your PCC and IATA codes. We have seen from other regions that airlines are directly incentivising sales via NDC, so this could be an additional earning opportunity.

  • When is NDC coming?

While NDC has yet to make a large impact in Australia and New Zealand we are already seeing major carriers differentiating their product and fares through NDC channels, offering lower fares only via NDC, and also the opportunity to earn commission on ancillary sales. The question is do you want to be an early mover and embrace the disruption, or wait until airlines or other agencies are selling NDC content to customers? For us the answer is simple - be an early mover and reap the benefits.

  • Who is Atriis?

Atriis was born in the early part of this century as the technology offshoot of an international travel management company, and has grown into a stand-alone spirited and entrepreneurial business that is revolutionising booking technology in the travel industry. The Walshe Group have worked with Atriis to ensure Lucy is relevant to our region and suits your business needs.



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