Because Lucy was built by travel professionals for travel professionals there is full consolidation functionality built in. Consolidators are able to send and receive queues and action to their robotic ticketing systems as normal. There are significant pricing advantages of purchasing Lucy via your preferred consolidator. Ask us for more information.

Administration rights for head offices allow consolidators to simply assign agency users within their account. These can be grouped into brands and locations with various rules set in place.  

You can also preference the results that are displayed for agents to sell at different times, depending on airline campaigns and incentives.

Being GDS-agnostic, Lucy can display all three GDS for the consolidator, and just the preferred agency GDS for them.

All GDS and airline incentives are retained by the IATA and PCC locations.    

Lucy is a solution that provides added value to your agents and allows consolidators to absorb NDC and wider content changes without disrupting your working model.